Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hide and Seek time! Contest runs from October 1st through October 9th

Hide and Seek!
Come one come all to the DiyScene ball where ghouls and goblins ooze out of our walls.

The game of the night is a seekers delight, where you might get yourself lost searching all through night.

Coffins and crossbones litter the scene, and it’s up to you creatures to determine who shall be queen.

On your throne you shall sit, basking in glory, of being the one written into the DiyScene story…of who won the HALLOWEEN EDITION OF HIDE AND SEEK!

Let’s get it on!

This Hide and Seek Halloween Edition is brought to you by the amazing Etsy Street Team, DIYScene. (Search tag DIYScene Team on Etsy for great stuff!) All of the shops listed below have secretly placed one of these two icons in their shop photos. Your job is to find them. Don’t forget to check sold items!

Hide and Seek runs from October 1st through October 9th. Make a list of the item links and email them to: ALL correct entries will then be placed into a randomizer to determine 3 winners so take your time, and browse around!

Each shop that is playing has donated something amazing for the prize baskets grand prize valued at over $300.00 and 2nd and 3rd prize valued at over $200

These are the icons you are searching for. Each shop will have one of the icons in one of their listing photos. Search carefully, some are not so easy to spot!

Shops to search:

Good Luck!