Wednesday, September 10, 2008

EFA Birthday Bash - get 20% off purchases at over 170 shops

Make a note of the dates : September 15th to September 30th
In honour of the Birthday Bash, during this period, I will be accepting the 20% off Coupon in my shop. My code is {CPONY}. Just put that code in the 'Notes to Seller' box on your order and DO NOT pay for the item. I will send you a revised invoice! You can visit my shop{TheClayPony}to receive your discount on all of my items!

PLUS! there are over 170 shops that are currently signed up to accept the 20% off coupon here at Etsy including the EFA TEAM STORE.For a complete list of those shops stay tuned at the EFA website. You can use my code {CPONY} in any of those participating shops.

It's time to start thinking of early Christmas presents so check out the Birthday Bash.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Buttercream with Sprinkles Pony Figurine

10% of the sale of this figurine will be donated to the EFA Charity of the Month.

I made this Dala Horse figurine out resin, and painted it to look like butter cream frosting and pastel colored sprinkles! Yum!

The figurine is coated with a shiny gloss glaze. This little horse stands 1 1/2" high and is just over 1/2" thick.

This horse can be found in my shop: TheClayPony. You can view this listing here.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Copper Forest Animal Figurines

10% of the sale of these copper animals will be donated to the EFA Charity of the Month.

These animal figurines of a reindeer, fox, and squirrel are made out of resin, and leafed with real copper leaf, and sealed with a gloss glaze for protection.

Their measurements are:
Reindeer, 2" high and is just over 1/4" thick
Fox, 1 1/16" high and is 5/16" thick
Squirrel, just over 1/2" high and is 1/4" thick

These animals can be found in my shop: TheClayPony. You can view this listing here.

Etsy For Animals - September Charity of the Month

The EFA September Charity of the Month is: Highland County Humane Society

Highland County Humane Society is a non-profit, no-kill shelter which provides a safe haven for dogs and cats while they transition from their past lives to their future, forever homes. Highland County Humane Society relies solely on donations and largely on volunteers to do vital work in the community.

You can donate to the Highland County Humane Society by sending contributions to:

Highland County Humane Society
P.O. Box 471
Hillsboro, OH 45133

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Copper Colored Reindeer Necklace

I've donated this copper colored reindeer necklace to the etsyforanimals shop, where 100% of the sale will be going to the EFA Charity of the Month.

I made the reindeer pendant from resin, painted it with copper colored sparkling metallic paint and then covered it with a shiny gloss finish. The reindeer is 2" high and is 1/4" thick. It's strung on a 19" dark brown braided cord necklace with a lobster clasp closure.

Please take a look at all the items in the etsyforanimals shop, where 100% of all the listed items are donated to animal charties.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Etsy For Animals - July Charity of the Month

The EFA July Charity of the Month is: Dogs for the Deaf

"In 30 years, DFD has rescued and placed over 3,000 dogs in homes as Hearing Dogs, Miracle Mutts (Special Dogs for Special People), and Career Change Dogs.

DFD rescues dogs from animal shelters throughout Oregon, Washington, and California. We choose dogs between the ages of eight months and three years that are people friendly, confident, and motivated by toys, treats, and affection. We rescue, train, and place over 100 dogs annually."

The International Charity of the Month is: Vancouver Aquarium's Marine Mammal Rescue Program

"The primary goal of the Marine Mammel Rescue and Rehabilitaion Program is to provide housing and care for ill, injured, or abandoned marine animals and to rehabilitate them for release back into their natural habitat."

EFA members donated over $1,217.21 to June's Charity of the Month Angel's Gate and other and other chairities of their choice.

To find EFA members items at Etsy that a percentage of the sale are donated to search "charity" and "animals" as a tag. To find items that 100% of the sale are donated search the word "donation" as a tag.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Traditional Painted Dala Horses

I was having problems painting my Dala Horses until now. I was trying to use more of an ink-based paint that bled and smeared whenever I put a clear gloss finish over it. Now I've bought new bottles of acrylic paint, and I'll finally be putting traditional painted Dala Horses in my store :)

My new paints:
They don't look like much now, but here's an army of Dala Horses that I've sculpted, Dremeled, and are waiting to be painted:

As you can see in the pic above I'm working on a Dala Unicorn and Pegasus. Here's a picture of a completed painted Dala Horse, which I'll be listing it in my store tomorrow:

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Alice in Wonderland Caterpillar Necklace - EFA June Challenge

This necklace & pendant is my entry in the Etsy for Animals (EFA) June Challenge "June Bug", and can be found in my shop: TheClayPony. You can view this listing here.

I love "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass" and especially John Tenniel's fabulous lithographs. So I decided to make something whimsical, and painted my own rendition of Tenniel's lithograph of the hookah smoking caterpillar onto a hand made pendant & necklace.

25% of the sale of this necklace will be donated to the EFA Charity of the Month: Angel's Gate Hospice for Animals

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Etsy For Animals - June Charity Of The Month

The EFA June Charity of the Month is Angel's Gate Hospice for Animals

"Here, animals many of whom are terminally and / or critically ill or physically challenged, come to live out their days in peace, dignity and love. Our focus is on wellness and quality of life. We provide for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each animal. We take a holistic approach in animal care, giving all needed supportive services including hospice care."

The International Charity of the Month is WSPA Canada - World Society for the Protection of Animals

"WSPA is an animal welfare charity that works internationally and locally to end cruelty to animals through field work, campaigning, and education."

EFA members donated over $1,239.24 to May's Charity of the Month Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary and other chairities of their choice.

To find EFA members items at Etsy that a percentage of the sale are donated to search "charity" and "animals" as a tag. To find items that 100% of the sale are donated search the word "donation" as a tag.

Pastel Animal Figurines (Complete Set) - EFA May Challenge

These animal figurines are my entry in the May Challenge "Some of our Favorite Critters", and can be found in my shop: TheClayPony. You can view this listing here.

I love all sorts of animals, mostly wild critters from the forest. I painted little red hearts on all the figurines to show how much I love them...I hope you do too! :)

20% of this collection will be donated to the May EFA Charity of the Month:

Friday, May 2, 2008

Etsy For Animals

As you all probably know, I love animals! :) I am now a member of the Etsy For Animals (EFA): Artists Helping Animals street team. Each month EFA members select an animal rescue charity to be the Charity of the Month. EFA members then donate a portion of their sales to the Charity of the Month and to other charities of their choice.

Each month EFA members can choose to participate in the Monthly Challenge, which is a selected theme for the artists to create something for, and list in their etsy stores. A portion of the sale of the Monthly Challenge items goes to the Charity of the Month. This month's theme is "Some of our Favorite Animals", since I already make my items using my favorite animals I'll be changing them up for the challenge entry. I'm working on making one of each of my animals as a solid pastel color, and I will be painting a heart on each of them. :) I'll post pictures here of my work in progress after I use my dremel tool on them. To find everyone's entry for this month's challenge, search "team efa critters" as a tag on etsy.

Each month I will be posting here what the Charity of the Month is. The charity for May is Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary. "A safe haven for rescued farm animals who have been given a second chance at life."

Friday, April 25, 2008

Scenery Sets

I've listed six new Scenery Sets in my etsy store. Each set consists of one or more of my animal figurines, an ACEO card background that I made specifically to go with the scene for each grouping of animals, and a resin stand for the card. Any card that has the thickness of a trading card can fit into the stand, so backgrounds can be mixed and matched with ACEO cards made by me or other artists.

Below is a picture of two of the Scenery Sets available in my store. On the left is a mountain scene with a goat and a reindeer. On the right is a farm scene with a Swedish Dala Horse and a rooster.

Here's a sneak peek at two sets that aren't in my store yet. They're sets made with my Glitter Critter figurines.

For anyone who doesn't know what an ACEO card is, it stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. They are collectible and tradeable miniature works of art that can be made of any media, and must measure 2.5" x 3.5" vertically or horizontally (the size of regular trading cards).

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mmmm Carrot Cake *drool*

I made these two pairs of carrot cake earrings out of polymer clay, painted them with acrylic paint, and added light emerald Swarovski crystals. They were for my mom and myself for Easter. Yum! Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! ^_^

Friday, March 14, 2008

New Additions

Here are some new additions to my already existing product lines. I bought some copper leaf, so now I'll have some copper leafed animals as well as the silver and 18kt gold ones. In the picture below is a reindeer leafed with copper. Also in the picture are some new metallic mica figurines: a pearly white horse, and a sparkle gold rooster.

Here's a preview of two new product lines: collage, and painted. Pictured below is a dala horse painted in the traditional dala horse style using metallic paint. The other is a dala horse collaged with paper. Both are sealed with a glossy glaze.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More stuff I'm working on

Here are pictures of some of the other figurines I'm working on. These are some of my metallic animals. The goat and fox are made with antique silver mica, the bunny is with white sparkling mica, the squirrels are made with copper flakes, and the reindeer is made with antique copper mica and copper flakes. I will probably be making some figures with gold mica as well.

Below are figures made with sparkling blue-green mica and pastel colored glitter.

These figures are leafed with 18kt gold, silver, and red shimmer.

These are black with speckles of sparkling white mica. I was just goofing around when I made these, and didn't know how it would turn out. I was trying to make the white mica look like stars, but it blobbed together. Now that they're done they look like faux snowflake obsidian.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Works in progress

Here are some of the resin animal figurines that I'm working on. I'm not ready to put them in my Etsy store just yet. The designs for all my figurines were inspired by Scandinavian Folk Art.

These are the transparent colored figurines, they look great with light shining through them. Pictured here is a reindeer, dala horse, goat, squirrel, rooster, fox, and rabbit.

These figurines have printed images of drawings I made embedded into the resin. I'm planning on making scenery sets to go along with them. I know exactly how I want the sets to look, I just need to figure out how I'm going to make them. Pictured here is a goat, reindeer, rooster, bunny, squirrel, tomte (gnome), and a fox.